Mokumono Delta

Delivered in 14 days.

Premium Shipping and service

There are two shipping options depending on where you live.

1. delivery and service at home:
Currently only available in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Denmark. Your bike will be delivered to your doorstep and ready to ride in minutes . After the first 6 months of ownership our mobile service partner will stop by to do a full tune-up of your Mokumono. Free of charge.

2. online purchase and delivery to a dealer of your choice:
On request, we can have your bike delivered to a dealer near you at no extra cost. We'll contact the dealer and send your bike there. They set up the bike for you professionally and will have it ready for pickup by arrangement and will service the bike during your ownership. Please contact us for this option when you live outside of Netherland, Germany, Belgium and Denmark at


The Mokumono Delta comes in three sizes. S, M and L. To determine the right size you need your body height in centimeters.

S - height: 165-175
M - height: 175-185
L - height: 185-195