Reviving an industry

Did you know that 97% of the 13 million bicycles assembled in Europe last year were made with bicycle frames imported from outside the European Union?

In 20 years time the bicycle manufacturing industry has disappeared almost completely from Europe. Besides some manufacturers of bicycle components the vast majority of European bicycle manufactures have either relocated their production to Southeast Asia or ceased to exist.

At Mokumono we believe that it is a shame that our rich history of bicycle manufacturing just ends here. Above all, we think that dragging all those frames half way across the earth is unnecessary and extremely wasteful. So, we decided to do something about it.

Two years ago we started the process to reinvent the way a bicycle frame is produced. We wanted to make it suitable for the production in the 21ste century Europe and succeeded, inspired by the European car industry. Cars are still produced in Europe because of constant innovating and automating of production processes. We took the lessons learned here and applied them to the production of bicycle frames.

The production process we developed reinvents the way a bicycle frame is produced. With this process we believe we can reach our goal of bringing bicycle manufacturing back to the Netherlands.

The Mokumono team

Mokumono is founded by twin brothers Bob and Tom Schiller. Together with a small team and a network of strong industry partners they are hard at work to revive the Dutch bicycle industry.