Our story

begins in 2015 when we realized that the icon of the Dutch culture, the bicycle, was no longer Dutch.

In the 90s the bicycle production was outsourced to cheap labor countries due to rising wages in Europe. The traditional production process of a bicycle frame is heavily dependent on manual labor and therefore too costly for mass production in Europe.

Today only a handful of bicycle frames are still produced in The Netherlands while more than one million bikes are sold here every year. The same pattern can be seen in the rest of Europe.

With Mokumono we want to change this. We want to bring bicycle production back to The Netherlands and revive the Dutch bicycle industry.

Using the traditional production process this would be impossible to do. The process is simply too old fashioned and labor intensive.

In order to achieve our goals we set out to develop a radically new production process. A process that enables us to bring bicycle production back to The Netherlands.

The Mokumono production process

Drawing inspiration from the car industry, we developed a radically new, fully automated production process for bicycle frames. By automating the production the incentive to outsource production to cheap labor regions disappears.

Each Mokumono frame starts out as two flat sheets of aluminum. The sheets are pressed into shape and then laserwelded together to form a strong and lightweight frame.

Most importantly the Mokumono frames are completely developed and produced in The Netherlands.

The Mokumono Studio

We are located in Amsterdam. At the Mokumono Studio we design, assemble and showcase our bikes. We always welcome new customers to come by and experience the bikes first hand. Reach out to us to make an appointment for a visit!